What to do in Key West
and Ideas on how to bring Paradise home

Beach Bum Road Trips

We all know that Key West is paradise, but sometimes it’s not possible to be there. So what is a person to do? When you only have a few days and really, really need to put your toes in the water a beach fix is necessary. As we travel about, we will be providing you ideas where you can get your beach fix, relax and enjoy the Key West lifestyle…

old key west resort

3 Reasons Old Key West Resort is the Perfect Stop at Disney World

If you can't make it all the way down to Key West and happen to be in the Orlando area you must check out Old Key West Resort at Walt Disney World.  Even if is just to check out the Key West ...


Virginia Beach – Food, Fun and Sand

We just completed a great road trip to Virginia Beach.  This was a great place to spend a few days of sun and sand.  The beach is very large and even though it was a holiday weekend, we didn’t feel that the ...


The BEACH – Washington DC

I know, Washington DC is no where near a beach, but this summer (2015) there is a beach in town.  The BEACH at the National Building Museum is an awesome mixture of art, architecture and fun.  If you find you are near ...