What to do in Key West
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What no fee to join the website?

We think that we provide great information and you can use that to plan your trip to Key West.

Why don’t my comments show up immediately?

We reserve the right to approve all comments. This keeps the site free of ads and spam. We want you, our members, to have a place where you can receive unbiased information about Key West.

How can you help me plan my trip to Key West?

We can help you with your itinerary and answer questions you may have about Key West. We want your trip to be the best possible, so you will be a return visitor, like us!

How do you help me keep the Paradise feeling at home?

We have food and drink recipes that will help bring the Key West Life style into your home. We think no matter where you live, every day should be lived as if it were in Key West!

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