What to do in Key West
and Ideas on how to bring Paradise home

Fun Activities

Key West is a fun place to enjoy the outdoors. Biking, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Fishing, Boat Rides, Beaches, Swimming, just to name a few activities. Don’t forget you can simply sit by the pool with your feet propped up sipping your favorite beverage.  Your in Key West …. it’s all fun!!

seward johnson

Ever Changing Sculptures in Key West

Have you noticed the sculptures around the Custom House change; frequently?  These beautiful works of art are created by Seward Johnson and are on display around the Custom House.  The latest addition was the large sculpture in front of the Custom House ...


palm garden

Palm Garden – A Perfect Afternoon Retreat

On Fleming Street is a unique pink building, here you will find the Key West public library.  Located at 700 Fleming the library offers many of the typical services of a library, but next door is another treasure, the Palm Garden.  Here, ...


key west sponge market

Sponging – More Than a Shopping Trip

At 1 Whitehead Street you will find the Key West Sponge Market.  Given it's location, you will find all of the normal tourist shopping items.  Key Lime products, nautical stuff and of course, sponges.  Lots and lots of sponges.  Here you will ...



Gatoville – Historic Walking Tour

Located on the 1100 block of Simonton Street you will find one of the first successful industrial communities in the United States.  Between 1880 and the early 1900's, Key West had a large influx of Cuban expatriates.  They were escaping the oppression ...


key west food tours

Key West Food Tours

If you want to have a culinary adventure, this is the tour for you.  Key West Food Tours takes you through Old Town and let's you not only learn the history of this amazing Island, but you get to taste it too. ...


Benjamin Curry House

Benjamin Curry House – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 610 Southard Street, the Benjamin Curry House is one of the few historic homes, still owned by the original family.  This home was built by Benjamin Curry, Jr. the brother of Florida's first millionaire, William Curry.  He purchased an acre ...


la terraza de marti

La Terraza de Marti – Historic Walking Tour

As you walk the southern end of Duval, you will find La Te Da, located at 1125 Duval Street.  Stop for a moment and read the walking tour sign, as this place is strongly connected to the Cuban Revolution and reminds us ...


cable hut

Cable Hut – Historic Walking Tour

There is an unassuming concrete building next to the Southernmost Point.  Most people will pass it by without a second thought.  But, take time to read the plaque and understand its history.  This cable hut was built on the mainland and transported ...



USCGC Ingham Museum

Located in the Truman Annex, the USCGC Ingham Museum is the perfect spot to see the quieter side of Key West.  The Ingham is a 327 foot long, 6200 horsepower cutter.  She held 300 men and served in World War II, the ...


Freeman Curry House Key West

Freeman Curry House – Historic Walking Tour

The Freeman Curry House is located at 724 Eaton Street.  Although, not open to the public, the home is a great example of how a Classic Revival home looks like it belongs in Key West.  The home shows its Bahamian influence, like ...


Gato Village Park

The Gato Village Park

Located at 616 Louisa Street, the Gato Village Park is a small space set aside for everyone to enjoy.  It's a pocket park, because its a small neighborhood park tucked into an out of the way place.  Perfect spot to enjoy a ...


The Speakeasy Inn and The Rum Bar

The Speakeasy Inn and Rum Bar

Located at 1117 Duval Street, The Speakeasy Inn is a stop on the historic walking tour, but it really is more than just a stop.  The Speakeasy Inn is a quaint and wonderful place to stay.  Everyone who stays here loves the atmosphere, ...


Fogarty Mansion

The Fogarty Mansion – Historic Walking Tour

This beautiful home is located at 227 Duval Street, at the corner of Duval and Caroline.  The current structure was built in 1887 by Charles Curry, son of Florida's first millionaire William Curry.  It is by far one of the grandest homes ...


Cosgrove House

The Cosgrove House – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 323 Whitehead Street, between Eaton and Caroline Streets the Cosgrove House is a must see stop on the historic walking tour.  But, not so much for the house,  but the beautiful banyan tree located out front.  The  Cosgrove House is ...


Neighborhood store

The Neighborhood Store – Historic Walking Tour

This was built originally as a grocery store for the neighborhood.  As in most towns, it was very common to find a laundry, drug store, billiard hall, dry good store, coffee shop, ice cream parlor and bakery in the many neighborhoods in ...


William Wall Warehouse

William Wall Warehouse – Historic Walking Tour

William Wall, was an Englishman, who came to Key West in 1824 as a shipwreck victim.  In seven short years, he amassed a large fortune as a pioneer in the cigar industry.  As a matter of point, he is credited with starting ...


La Concha Key West

La Concha Key West – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 430 Duval between Fleming and Eaton Streets, the La Concha Key West is the tallest building in Key West.  You can enjoy a spa day on the roof top or a glass of wine from the wine bar on the ...


Smathers Beach Key West FL

3 Reasons Smathers Beach Key West Fl is the Best

Looking for a really good beach when in town?  There are a few to choose from, but for us... Smathers Beach Key West FL is the best.  Located on the south side of the Island along South Roosevelt this man made beach ...


Key West Armory

Key West Armory the initial home to The Studios of Key West

The Armory is located at 600 White Street on the corner of White and Southard.  In 2006 the Key West Armory became the initial home of the Studios of Key West.  The Studios have now relocated to 533 Eaton Street, but the ...


Fire Station No 3, Key West, FL

Fire Station No. 3 and Museum

Fire Station No. 3 is located at 1026 Grinnell between Virginia Street and Truman Avenue.  It was built in 1907.  When it opened, Key West had 12 paid firemen and 200 volunteers.  Some believe it to be the oldest working fire station ...


Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe

When you think of Key West, key lime pie certainly comes to mind.  One of the best places in Key West to taste key lime pie is Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe.  Just imagine a shop not only selling single slices ...


Patterson Baldwin Home, Oldest Schoolhouse, Key West

Patterson Baldwin House – Oldest Schoolhouse – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 336 Duval (Corner of Eaton and Duval) is the Oldest Schoolhouse also known as the Patterson Baldwin House. It started as a modest one and half story cottage with a front and side porch.  It was moved to this location after ...


Oldest Drug Store, Key West, FL

Oldest Drug Store – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 500 Simonton Street is the Oldest Drug Store.  This is one of the oldest commercial buildings in Key West. Dr. John Maloney opened the Key West Drug Company in 1903.  He purchased the adjacent building, at 532 Fleming, in 1908 opening ...


Casa Antigua, Key West, FL

Casa Antigua – Historic Walking Tour

This historic stop is located at 314 Simonton Street between Eaton and Caroline.  Originally built as the Trev-Mor Hotel, it was one of Key West's first hotels.  When built it had a Ford dealership on the first floor and the second and ...


James Haskins House, Key West

James Haskins House – Historic Walking Tour

The 1886 fire missed this home by 20 feet.  This home is located at the corner of Fleming and Simonton streets. James Haskins, a butcher, decided to remodel his home in 1889 and make the first floor a "Gent's Goods" store.  Since then, ...


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