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Best Gifts for Key West Lovers

We all have something in common …. we love Key West.  That said, I think we are pretty easy to shop for.  Give us anything that reminds us of our home away from home.  Pretty easy, huh?  Well, sometimes our loved ones struggle with gifts.  So, here are the best gifts for Key West Lovers…. feel free to share this as your wish list with your loved ones!

Let the shopping begin!

Click either the pictures or the Buy from Amazon button.

(As a side note, the ideas below are found on and if you use the links provided below, we will receive a small commission – at no additional charge to you!  This helps to support our page and provide you great content all about your favorite place… Key West)

Frozen Drinks

As much as I would love for someone to hand me a frozen drink as a gift, that sometimes isn’t practical.  But, here are great ideas that help remind us of those days sitting at Flying Monkeys or another hot spot on Duval!

How about a frozen drink concoction maker from Margariatville!


This dandy machine makes the best Margaritas and frozen drinks every time.

Already have a concoction maker?  Then how about the No Brainer Mixer?  The best way to perfectly mix any drink for your mixer!

How about mixes or Margarita salt?  Every Key West lover needs a restock on their bar stuff now and then.

A travel bag for the frozen drink maker is another great option.

Coloring Books

The latest trend is adult coloring books and guess what??  There are some all about Key West!

How about Margaritaville Themed coloring books?

Of course, don’t forget the coloring pencils!


Who doesn’t love puzzles?  These show off all the iconic places in Key West.

Shot Glasses and Coffee Mugs


You can choose from books about the history of Key West, mysteries set in Key West, Jimmy Buffett and even books about architecture.  How about a book on Quitting your Job and Moving to Key West?   Here are some ideas….


How about something pretty for her to wear?


Our two favorite brands… Key West Aloe and Florida Salt Scrubs!

Kitchen and Bar

How about a cookbook?  These are great choices!

Bar accessories are always nice to receive!

Outdoor Furniture

Really want to wow someone?  How about some outdoor furniture to liven up their Tiki Bar!

As you can easily see… Key West lovers are very easy to shop for!!   So many ideas, which will you choose?

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