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travel service

3 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Service

I am not going to hide the fact that I own a travel service.  Yep, that's what Fun in Key West is ... a travel service.  Often times we hear all of the information you need to book a trip is on ...


book a tour

When is the Best time to Book a Tour when heading to Key West?

Received a call the other day from a visitor to Key West.  They were leaving the next day and wanted to fill their last day with lots of fun.  Sadly, we couldn't find a tour that had any open seats.  Which led ...


key west is open

Key West is Open

It's official.  Key West is open. Open for business, open for visitors, open... well you get the point.  That said, it's still a fine line about celebrating and understanding.  We celebrate that Key West is open and was spared damage from Hurricane ...


Living your Perfect Day?

Maybe it's just me, but when I am on vacation, I am up early and trying to squeeze every minute out of the day.  But, get me home... I sleep in and lazily watch nothing on tv.  Today was no exception to ...


old key west resort

3 Reasons Old Key West Resort is the Perfect Stop at Disney World

If you can't make it all the way down to Key West and happen to be in the Orlando area you must check out Old Key West Resort at Walt Disney World.  Even if is just to check out the Key West ...


Windfinder Key West

3 Reasons to Use Windfinder Key West

I stumbled upon a really cool website, really by accident.  It's Windfinder Key West.  This website offers so much detail about the weather, not just about Key West, but anywhere in the world.  I don't know about you, but I am a ...


Key West Style

A backyard full of Key West style

I get it.  When you are not in Key West, all you do is think about Key West.  Why not try to bring some Key West style to your own backyard.  So, when your chilling out on a sunny afternoon, you can ...


Toes in Sand Flag

Downsizing… what’s really needed?

Holy cow I have a lot of stuff.... well, let me rephrase, our family has a lot of stuff.  I started looking inside closets, the garage and the storage shed (more about that in a minute) and came to a very scary ...


Key West at Sunrise my sanity

Money versus Sanity

Have you ever heard a song that stopped you in your tracks?  I did... and not only did it stop me, but I quickly logged into my iTunes account and bought it.  The words were written just for my ears, I know ...


Cuban Migrants

Cuban Migrants … Yes or No?

The Cuban Missile Crisis has always been a topic in my house growing up.  My parent's wedding was put on hold because my dad was active military and until the Crisis was resolved he wasn't allowed to leave the base or get ...


Key West in bloom

Best Key West Season?

The Island really does change with the seasons and you must experience it during all times of the year.  Key West isn't just Mallory Square or Fantasy Fest.  It's quiet mornings, sunrises, warm salt air, morning bike rides and lazy afternoons. Each season ...


Key West, FL

Key West Addict

When you are on vacation mornings are a lot different than at home.  Why is that?  I know, we have duties and mornings, for most people, are a mad dash to get ready  and out the door.  But, what if we stopped ...


Key West Beach

Old Town or Ocean View?

When you start to look for a place to live in Key West, it can be a little overwhelming.  First off, the prices are high.  Once the shock of what $300k can buy wears off then comes the big decision; where in ...


Flying... contact of carriage rules

Flying?… read the really fine print!

Flying is always an adventure.  It's not just the ability to travel quickly to places, but the actual process of flying today is unique.  From checking in with a boarding pass scanned from your smart phone to TSA security rules and everything ...


Key West, FL

Who’s the dummy?

Sometimes thoughts hit you like a ton of bricks and other times they are much more subtle.  This thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  I enjoy listening to Margaritaville Radio and every week there is a "Fruitcake on the Radio".  The ...



YOLO … yeah, but…

YOLO does that make you smile?  I should back up and make sure everyone understands what YOLO is... You Only Live Once.  So, now does YOLO make you smile or do you find the "yeah, but" excuse to not embrace the feeling? I ...


KeKe Margarita Recipe

3 Great Margaritas to celebrate National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day - isn't a nationally recognized holiday, but it really should be.  A day set aside to enjoy a cold and refreshing margarita.  How do you want yours... on the rocks or frozen?  I take my margaritas either way. Here are ...


Captain George Carey House, Key West, FL

Dream out of reach? Is Key West too expensive?

There have been several articles recently about the high cost of living in Key West as well as the low wages.  This seems to be the trend everywhere.  As part of the journey, housing is the first thing we need to secure ...


Winter Sunset

Day 1 of the Journey

Today we are drawing a line in the sand.  We are moving to Key West .... someday.  We are inviting you to follow us on our adventure.  This adventure will chronicle our life of selling it all and moving to the Island. ...


Fantasy Fest – Has is run its course?

The Citizen ran a poll last week on Fantasy Fest.  Had it run its course and should it be stopped?  Or, just did it need a little updating?  Well, given the occupancy rate during the Fest is 100%, I would argue that ...


Gypsy or Pirate?

Well, we are coming up on another trip to Key West.  Every time we go down to the Keys, I think, how can we make this a permanent move?  I think anyone who has visited Key West feels the same.  That got ...


Burn the Boats!

Cortes landed on the shores of what is now Mexico in 1519 and murmured the infamous words “burn the boats” as he and his 600 men faced the enemy. Obviously, we know that Cortes defeated them and conquered Mexico.  But, here was ...


Happy New Year’s

Well, it has been awhile since I posted, but it really has been busy. We made a trip down the Keys and then came the Holidays. It seems we all go into a different mode once Halloween has come and gone.  We ...


Keeping the Feeling – Vacation State of Mind

Ok, you’ve made it back from vacation.  You’re really are sad about going back to the daily grind – what now?  We have all had this happen.  We spend sometime in paradise and then have to give it all up to go ...


Clearing the Clutter

My office was recently relocated to another building.  In doing so, I needed to clear out what is affectionally referred to as clutter.  You know, those items we hang onto thinking we will need them sometime in the future.  The funny part, ...


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