Blue Macaw

Blue Macaw an Island Retreat

Blue Macaw is a place I sought out.  No, really.  It was featured on the t.v. show Booze Traveler and since that episode, it was a destination for me.  So, the next time we were in Key West, we hit Happy Hour.  Then, after a road race, we hit Blue Macaw again for breakfast.  Each time, it lived up to my expectations.


Here’s the thing.  I love watching Jack Maxell travel all over the world and drink.  It is my dream job.  (are you listening Travel Channel?).  Anyway, the episode where Jack visited Key West was … awesome.  But, I was truly interested in his visit to the Blue Macaw.  It’s not on Duval, it’s actually at 804 Whitehead Street (the entrance to Bahama Village).  So, off the beaten path.  But, it looked like so much fun.

In the episode, he highlighted the Bloody Mary bar.  In person, it is amazing.  If you love Bloody Mary’s or… just are intrigued at how people personalize a Bloody Mary, this is the stop for you.  So many ways to make it your very own.

Blue Macaw

The other aspect about the Bloody Mary bar, you can use local Key West Distilling vodka.  One of my personal favorites.  Trust me, I have gladly paid the overweight luggage fee to ship the stuff home.

So, as for my expectations on my Happy Hour visit?  They were met, and then some.  We sat at the bar and enjoyed our cocktails and snacked on 1/2 price appetizers.  Then wandered (staggered???) off to the sunset celebration at Mallory Square.

Blue Macaw


My second visit was after a road race.  We had just walked/ran a 5k and were ready for breakfast.  The Blue Macaw was close to the hotel and well, offering outdoor seating that has a very comfortable vibe.  We ordered simple, almost plain breakfast dishes, but they were…superb.  Some places just know how to cook eggs, and Blue Macaw is one of them.  My eggs were light, fluffy and yummy.

Blue Macaw

Blue Macaw

The cool part about our breakfast was the live music.  During most of the day, and long into the night, this place has great live music.  You can hear it as you walk by, and it really does draw you in.

So, follow the music or the smell of the wonderful food and check out Blue Macaw.  They offer local fusion cuisine and a lot of Caribbean cocktails.  The atmosphere is truly Key West.

I’m ready to check out lunch and dinner…you?