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historic key west inns

Historic Key West Inns an Authentic Key West Experience

Newbies and return guests to Key West are looking for an authentic Key West experience.  The first place to start is ... your hotel.  I always recommend staying in Old Town.  It is centrally located and within walking distance to just about anything.  My first ...


Old city Hall

Old City Hall – Historic Walking Tour

Walking down Greene Street, away from Duval, on your right is a large brick building.  With its granite stairs and very ornate iron balustrade at its entrance, you probably just walk on by... at least most people do.  But, this building is the ...


seafood tour key west

The Seafood Tour is a Great Way to See Key West

I am in love with food tours.  My first one was the Southernmost Food Tour with Key West Food Tours and I have been hooked ever since.  What I, specifically, like about Key West Food Tours is they offer more than one ...


key west distilling

Key West Distilling – Spirits That Taste Like No Other

My husband wanders through towns, in and out of stores. We all understand this about him as he wants to meet people and learn more about what they do.  Because of this, we found Key West Distilling and everyday I am thankful ...


cuban coffee queen

Roasted Coffee at Cuban Coffee Queen

One of the first stops after my morning walk is usually Cuban Coffee Queen.  Cuban coffee, hot or iced, depending on the season and I am ready to start my day.  But, what do my wandering eyes see one day?  A coffee ...


travel service

3 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Service

I am not going to hide the fact that I own a travel service.  Yep, that's what Fun in Key West is ... a travel service.  Often times we hear all of the information you need to book a trip is on ...


book a tour

When is the Best time to Book a Tour when heading to Key West?

Received a call the other day from a visitor to Key West.  They were leaving the next day and wanted to fill their last day with lots of fun.  Sadly, we couldn't find a tour that had any open seats.  Which led ...


hurricane hole

Hurricane Hole, Key West the Way it Should be

So many people had recommended Hurricane Hole and for unknown reasons, we delayed heading over to check it out.  Why, who knows.  But, let me tell you, it really is the place to experience Key West. Location Located on Stock Island, Hurricane Hole is ...


sawyer navarro

Sawyer Navarro House – Historic Walking Tour

One of the great free things you can do in Key West is walk around and check out the Historic Walking Tour stops.  This is another stop along the tour.  The Sawyer Navarro home was been moved to its current location from ...


sloppy joe's

Sloppy Joe’s a Bar, a Drink and a Place at the End of the World

Key West is a place at the end of the world.  It's at the end of A1A and the end of the Continental United States.  There is a vibe that is Key West.  Sloppy Joe's is iconic Key West.  It's old school, ...


old stone house

Old Stone House – United Methodist Church, Historic Walking Tour

One of the things I really love about Key West, is its history.  Around every corner as you walk the streets, you find a historic home or a historic building.  But, sometimes the surface of a building doesn't reveal its history.  The ...


El Meson de Pepe Key West

El Meson de Pepe, Authentic Cuban Food in Mallory Square

I can't tell you how many times I walked by this place and didn't consider stopping.  But, once I did, I will certainly be going back for more.  El Meson de Pepe is authentic Cuban food in Mallory Square. Did I say Location? El ...


beer bread recipe

Beer Bread Recipe

This is a great quick bread recipe.  Basically four ingredients and you have wonderful, rich bread that goes great with a bowl of chili or stew.  This dense bread also makes a great salami sandwich. Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Combine the ...


ferdinand hirsch cigar factory

Ferdinand Hirsch Cigar Factory – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 930 Catherine Street is the Ferdinand Hirsch Cigar Factory building.  It's a nondescript building, which today is being used as a storage warehouse.  During the height of the Key West cigar boom it was one of the largest cigar factories ...


apple pie drink with everclear

Apple Pie Drink with Everclear

I cannot tell you how many years it has been since I had Everclear, but this drink changed my thinking.  If you are not able to get Everclear in your area, feel free to use any high proof vodka.  This drink makes, ...


sandys key west

5 Reasons Why you Need to go to Sandy’s Key West

I am a coffee freak.  I love coffee.  Espresso, Cuban, French ... you get the idea.  Sandy's Key West is absolutely one of my favorite places in town.  Why?  So many reasons, but five come to mind. Roosters Yep, I said roosters.   I know ...


bad boy burrito key west

Bad Boy Burrito Key West, it’s more than a burrito place

Out on Simonton Street, more specifically 1128 Simonton, you will find Bad Boy Burrito Key West.  A small walk up window where you can order a tasty lunch, snack or dinner.  It's where magic comes from. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives stopped here, ...


libby's pumpkin pie recipe

The Best Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I am a true fan of pumpkin pie.  When Fall arrives, I know it's time for pumpkin pie.  I have tried many versions, and all fall short of the original Libby's Pumpkin Pie recipe.  The secret?  Molasses.  The original recipe used molasses, ...


cream cheese chicken stuffed peppers

Low Carb Cream Cheese Chicken Stuffed Peppers

If you notice, I have many low carb recipes on this blog.  I try to follow a reduced carb diet versus a totally low carb diet.  I try to find recipes that offer healthy versions of my favorite foods.  Mexican food is ...


Bruce Hall

Bruce Hall – Historic Walking Tour

Built as part of a Methodist education complex at Hargrove Seminary, Bruce Hall had a 600 seat auditorium with a very inviting roof garden.  Located at 1310 United Street, you can still find Bruce Hall, but not the rest of the education ...


botanical garden

Key West Botanical Garden a Quiet spot from the Crowds

The Key West Botanical Garden is indeed a quiet spot from the crowds.  Located on Stock Island, it is worth the drive over to explore the 15 acres of natural flora and fauna.  The Garden officially reopened on December 1, 2017 after ...


bailey's chocolate chip dip

Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Dip

Yep, Bailey's Chocolate Chip Dip... goes great with everything.  Dip in your favorite cookie, cracker or fruit.  Bailey's and chocolate always make any sweet treat taste better.  This makes about a cup, but the good news it does store in the refrigerator ...


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