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Fun Activities

Key West is a fun place to enjoy the outdoors. Biking, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Fishing, Boat Rides, Beaches, Swimming, just to name a few activities. Don’t forget you can simply sit by the pool with your feet propped up sipping your favorite beverage.  Your in Key West …. it’s all fun!!

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marine hospital

Marine Hospital – Historic Walking Tour

Located in Truman Annex is the old Marine Hospital.  It was constructed at the request of US Navy Commodore David Porter.  Construction began in 1844. The Building Construction lasted less than one year.  The doors opened on August 2, 1845.  It had sixty beds ...


african cemetery

African Cemetery at Higgs Beach – Historic Walking Tour

As you walk by Higgs Beach, you will see pedestals and a tiled mural on a raised cement platform.  This is the African Cemetery at Higgs Beach.  The cemetery contains the graves of Africans who died after being rescued in 1860 from ...


cypress house

Cypress House – Historic Walking Tour

Dade County pine and Cypress woods were used during the 1800's to build homes in Key West.  Because of their durability and natural resistance to pests, they never required a protective coating of paint.  Today, you can see a beautiful example of ...


eco-discovery center

Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

I like interactive places with hands on exhibits and cool videos.  That's why the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is awesome.  It has it all, plus much much more.  The Center offers an informative way to educate kids of all ages about the ...


the steam plant

The Steam Plant – Historic Walking Tour

Between Caroline Street and the US Coast Guard Station is 281 Trumbo Road.  There you will find the The Steam Plant.  This section of Key West is on man-made land that once was part of the Gulf of Mexico.  The Steam Plant ...


us weather bureau

US Weather Bureau – Historic Walking Tour

Located at 57 Front Street in the Truman Annex stand the old Weather Bureau building. I have always been fascinated with weather.  I took Meteorology as my science in school and loved every bit of it.  It doesn't matter where you live, you ...


mansard roof

Mansard Roof – Look up to see Details! – Historic Walking Tour

Walking around Key West, you can find so many interesting things.  People, roosters and of course, the architecture.  I often highlight interesting buildings to see, based on either its history or architecture, but don't forget to look up.  Roofs can, and are, ...


sip & Stroll

Sip & Stroll Key Lime Festival a List of Do’s and Don’ts

Each year, around the Fourth of July, a great festival takes place in Key West... the Key Lime Festival.  One of the events of the festival is the Sip & Stroll.  The idea is several establishments around town create a drink, featuring ...


fort zachary taylor

Fort Zachary Taylor – Don’t Miss This!

When you think of Fort Zachary Taylor, you think beach, snorkeling and sunset.  But, did you know there is a Civil War Fort in the Park?  Don't miss this the next time you visit the park.  The park is located at the ...


key west electric company

Key West Electric Company – A Modern Building on a Historic Walking Tour

When you head over to James Street you see a little different Key West.  The buildings are more functional ... modern than those you find a few streets over in Old Town.  The Key West Electric Company building is no exception.  Located ...


key west historic memorial sculpture garden

Key West Historic Memorial Sculpture Garden

Even today, I am surprised how I can just "happen" upon something pretty cool in Key West.  The island isn't that big and you would think there isn't much to discover after many, many trips.  But, once again, I am wrong.  The ...


papa's pilar

Papa’s Pilar a Hemingway Rum Company

There is a new rum player in town.  Papa's Pilar opened recently at 201 Simonton Street.  The Hemingway Rum Company offers a peak into everything Hemingway loved about Key West.  Here you will take a journey into the history of rum, the ...


key west legal rum

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery the Experience

Located on Simonton Street, in a former Coca Cola bottling plant you will find Key West First Legal Rum Distillery.  The rum is made on site in custom-made copper pots.  What's cool, is you can tour the plant, talk to the owner ...


weatherstation inn

Weatherstation Inn – Historic Walking Tour

I love how you can combine history with a really cool place to stay.  The Weatherstation Inn combines my two loves.  Located at 57 Front Street, you are in the heart of Truman Annex.  One of the quietest, most centrally located places ...


san carlos institute and museum

18 Stops Along The Key West Museum Trail

Anyone who visits Key West realizes how much history can be found here.  This history is preserved in the many museums found around town.  This Key West Museum Trail offers a way to explore the Island, learn more about Key West's history ...


Tennessee Williams Exhibit

Tennessee Williams Exhibit – Historic Walking Tour

The Tennessee Williams Exhibit is located at 513 Truman Avenue, just off of Duval Street.  At first I thought this house was where Tennessee Williams lived, but sadly it is not.  This home was a private home and has kept much of ...


key west express

Key West Express – Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Are you coming to Key West from Fort Meyers or the Marco Island area?  Key West Express offers a fun way to travel to Key West.  This ferry takes you straight into Key West for a one day or multi day trip ...


George curry mansion

7 Curry Mansions – Historic Walking Tour

William Curry was Florida's first millionaire.  He gave each of his children $10,000 to build a home of their own.  The result?  The Key West Historic district has seven beautiful mansions you can explore, visit and even spend the night at a ...


truman annex key west

3 Best Things about Truman Annex Key West

After your first visit or may be even a few visits, you will definitely find your favorite spots on the Island.  Favorite place to stay, favorite place for Happy Hour, favorite place to watch sunset, favorite place to walk.  We have ours ...


curry mansion

Curry Mansion – Historic Walking Tour

The Curry Mansion located at 511 Caroline Street is more than a stop along the historic walking tour, it's a place to stay, relax and enjoy Key West.  Located between Eaton and Greene Streets, this inn is centrally located to the activities ...


key west butterfly & nature conservatory

The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory – A Magical Place

Imagine walking through a tropical forest full of butterflies. They dart and drift all around you.  Almost dancing in the air.  You are mesmerized and feel as if you have stepped into an enchanted land.  You have, its the Key West Butterfly ...


seward johnson

Ever Changing Sculptures in Key West

Have you noticed the sculptures around the Custom House change; frequently?  These beautiful works of art are created by Seward Johnson and are on display around the Custom House.  The latest addition was the large sculpture in front of the Custom House ...


palm garden

Palm Garden – A Perfect Afternoon Retreat

On Fleming Street is a unique pink building, here you will find the Key West public library.  Located at 700 Fleming the library offers many of the typical services of a library, but next door is another treasure, the Palm Garden.  Here, ...


key west sponge market

Sponging – More Than a Shopping Trip

At 1 Whitehead Street you will find the Key West Sponge Market.  Given it's location, you will find all of the normal tourist shopping items.  Key Lime products, nautical stuff and of course, sponges.  Lots and lots of sponges.  Here you will ...



Gatoville – Historic Walking Tour

Located on the 1100 block of Simonton Street you will find one of the first successful industrial communities in the United States.  Between 1880 and the early 1900's, Key West had a large influx of Cuban expatriates.  They were escaping the oppression ...


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