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Speakeasy Inn and Rum Bar – Episode #4

Join us as we chat with Tonya, General Manager, of the Speakeasy Inn and Rum Bar.  We learn all about her journey to Key West... and hear how much she really loves her job.  Who wouldn't?  Living and working in Key West ...


Danger Charters – Episode #3

One of the best ways to experience Key West is on the water.  Danger Charters offers not only day trips, but a fabulous sunset cruise.  Haig Smith, of Danger Charters talks with me all about sunset cruises, how he ended up in ...


Up The Keys Tours – Episode #2

Join me as I chat with Kim Stamps, owner & operator, of Up the Keys Tours.  Her tours take you all over the Keys.  We talk about the different tours she offers, from half-day, full-day and custom tours. The Full Day option takes ...


Welcome Episode – Episode 1

In this episode, we introduce the podcast and give you a sneak peek of things to come.   Episode #1 - Download from iTunes here.


must do's while in key west

25 Things to Do in Key West

There is so much to do in Key West, for a first time visitor, and the return visitors, it can be hard to know where to start. So, here is a list to get you started, keep in mind... this is just ...


Uva Key West

Uva it’s your Personal Wine Cellar in Key West

Oh how I wish I could take credit for the tagline "personal wine cellar", but alas, I cannot.  Credit this to Uva's owner, Mark Gambuzza.  Uva is the perfect spot, in Key West, to sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and ...


carriage barn key west

Carriage Barn an Unexpected Find in Key West

At 1128 Olivia, between White and Frances Street stands an interesting building.  It looks like a barn, and, in fact, it once was home to horses and mules that walked the streets of Key West.  It's the carriage barn and one of ...


The BC Too

The BC Too it’s Breakfast all Day

By now you know I love breakfast.  I can enjoy it any time of the day.  Which is why when I discovered The BC Too I was hooked.  They serve breakfast .... all day! Choices Here is why I love breakfast.  It's more than ...


rock house gallery key West

Rock House Gallery a Gothic Inspired location

Located at 330 Julia Street is the Rock House Gallery.  It is what was originally the Saint Stephen Methodist Episcopal Church.  Inside is not only beautiful artwork, but the building itself is a work of art to see. History Built with locally quarried limestone ...


glazed donuts

Glazed Donuts & Red Buoy Coffee a Perfect Start to the Day

I am a foodie.  I love really, really good food.  That includes ... donuts.  A great donut is really hard to pass up.  So, I seek out good donuts.  In Key West, you need to look no further than Glazed Donuts & ...


key west on a budget

Want to go to Key West, but think it’s too expensive? Think again

I get it, going on vacation can be really expensive.  No matter the destination.  Key West is no exception.  But, with a little pre-planning, a trip to Key West on a budget is possible. Budget First off, what's your budget?  You may have a ...


Blue Macaw

Blue Macaw an Island Retreat

Blue Macaw is a place I sought out.  No, really.  It was featured on the t.v. show Booze Traveler  and since that episode, it was a destination for me.  So, the next time we were in Key West, we hit Happy Hour.  Then, after ...


Blue Marlin Motel

Blue Marlin Motel, Comfortable, Convenient and Clean

A few years back, my youngest decided to take a trip to Key West.  Being on a tight budget he needed a place to stay that was conveniently located and clean.  The Blue Marlin Motel was the gem he discovered. Location The Blue Marlin ...


Island City House

Island City House the Oldest Guesthouse in Key West

Although Island City House may be the oldest guesthouse in Key West, it is still grand, beautiful and a wonderful place to stay.  Inside the complex, the garden paths wind you through the property and take you away to a quiet and ...


historic key west inns

Historic Key West Inns an Authentic Key West Experience

Newbies and return guests to Key West are looking for an authentic Key West experience.  The first place to start is ... your hotel.  I always recommend staying in Old Town.  It is centrally located and within walking distance to just about anything.  My first ...


Old city Hall

Old City Hall – Historic Walking Tour

Walking down Greene Street, away from Duval, on your right is a large brick building.  With its granite stairs and very ornate iron balustrade at its entrance, you probably just walk on by... at least most people do.  But, this building is the ...


seafood tour key west

The Seafood Tour is a Great Way to See Key West

I am in love with food tours.  My first one was the Southernmost Food Tour with Key West Food Tours and I have been hooked ever since.  What I, specifically, like about Key West Food Tours is they offer more than one ...


key west distilling

Key West Distilling – Spirits That Taste Like No Other

My husband wanders through towns, in and out of stores. We all understand this about him as he wants to meet people and learn more about what they do.  Because of this, we found Key West Distilling and everyday I am thankful ...


cuban coffee queen

Roasted Coffee at Cuban Coffee Queen

One of the first stops after my morning walk is usually Cuban Coffee Queen.  Cuban coffee, hot or iced, depending on the season and I am ready to start my day.  But, what do my wandering eyes see one day?  A coffee ...


travel service

3 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Service

I am not going to hide the fact that I own a travel service.  Yep, that's what Fun in Key West is ... a travel service.  Often times we hear all of the information you need to book a trip is on ...


book a tour

When is the Best time to Book a Tour when heading to Key West?

Received a call the other day from a visitor to Key West.  They were leaving the next day and wanted to fill their last day with lots of fun.  Sadly, we couldn't find a tour that had any open seats.  Which led ...


hurricane hole

Hurricane Hole, Key West the Way it Should be

So many people had recommended Hurricane Hole and for unknown reasons, we delayed heading over to check it out.  Why, who knows.  But, let me tell you, it really is the place to experience Key West. Location Located on Stock Island, Hurricane Hole is ...


sawyer navarro

Sawyer Navarro House – Historic Walking Tour

One of the great free things you can do in Key West is walk around and check out the Historic Walking Tour stops.  This is another stop along the tour.  The Sawyer Navarro home was been moved to its current location from ...


sloppy joe's

Sloppy Joe’s a Bar, a Drink and a Place at the End of the World

Key West is a place at the end of the world.  It's at the end of A1A and the end of the Continental United States.  There is a vibe that is Key West.  Sloppy Joe's is iconic Key West.  It's old school, ...


old stone house

Old Stone House – United Methodist Church, Historic Walking Tour

One of the things I really love about Key West, is its history.  Around every corner as you walk the streets, you find a historic home or a historic building.  But, sometimes the surface of a building doesn't reveal its history.  The ...


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