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sandys key west

5 Reasons Why you Need to go to Sandy’s Key West

I am a coffee freak.  I love coffee.  Espresso, Cuban, French ... you get the idea.  Sandy's Key West is absolutely one of my favorite places in town.  Why?  So many reasons, but five come to mind. Roosters Yep, I said roosters.   I know ...


the cafe

The Cafe – So Many Choices, What First?

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes you really, really need a good breakfast.  You know those mornings after a late night and the best cure is a hot cup of coffee and a plate of great food.  This is how I stumbled ...



Bagatelle – Oh How I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

When in Key West do you try new restaurants... or stick to your tried and true ones? I admit, I have my favorites, but I try to "discover" a new place on each and every visit. This time it was Bagatelle located ...


best coffee places in key west

5 Best Places for Coffee in Key West

I am a coffee addict.  Any kind.  Cuban, French, Italian.  Even coffee ice cream.  I am always on the hunt for the perfect cup of Morning Joe.  Given we are all creatures of habit, we find a place for a cup of ...


camille's key west

Camille’s Key West – A Funky and Fun Place to Eat

In one word... it's funky.  Camille's Key West is the go to local hot spot and has been for over 20 years.  According to Camille's they offer inexpensive gourmet ... done the right way.  Or another way to say it... exotic cooking ...


favorite key west restaurants

3 Reasons why You must Go to La Creperie Key West

Tucked off in the heart of Old Town is Petronia Street.  Here you will find La Creperie Key West (300 Petronia Street).  This place offers many wonderful food items and a quiet location to enjoy breakfast and lunch.  But we think the ...


favorite key west restaurants

Your 80 Favorite Key West Restaurants!

Well we need to let the writers at Zagat know they were wrong... they posted an article a while ago and listed the "8 Hottest Restaurants in Key West".  We shared it with all of you and, guess what?  You responded, overwhelming, ...


Cuban Coffee Queen Key West menu

3 Best Items on the Cuban Coffee Queen Key West Menu

I have an addiction to cuban coffee.  But it's a healthy addition... or so I think. If I am out of town, I crave it, when I am in town I crave it... you get the point.  That said, I have my ...


Harpoon Harry’s – Best Breakfast in Key West

Looking for the best breakfast in Key West?  A place to sit, enjoy your coffee away from the tourists?  Check out Harpoon Harry’s located at 832 Caroline Street. The decor is eclectic and fun.  Keep in mind they serve way more than breakfast.  They ...


Glazed Donuts Key West

Ok travelers, here is a place you have to try. Glazed Donuts Key West is located at 420 Eaton Ave.   This place has been featured in many publications such as USA Today's Top 10 Best Places for Donuts. What surprised me the most ...


What’s your poison for Breakfast?

There are many options available for breakfast, from sit down to stand up to find an empty park bench – here are some of the places we enjoy. Blue Heaven – This is a true must see while in Key West.  The unique ...


Old Town Bakery

Old Town Bakery. Corner of Easton and Grinnell St. This is a great bakery to hit EARLY in the morning. The Almond Croissants are to die for. You can taste the butter in them. On another visit I had the Breakfast Sandwich, ...


Cole’s Peace

On our way to our hotel, the cab driver told us about this place.  He said they had the best bread in town.  Well, you know we had to try this place and let’s just say … it lived up to the ...


Key West Artisan Market

If you are in town on the first Sunday of the month anytime between November and May – be sure to check out the Key West Artisan Market.  There are more than 50 vendors selected to participate at these markets.  The vendors ...


La Creperie

We love spending time outside enjoying a cocktail and of course a meal.  La Creperie is the perfect place to do both.  Located at 300 Petronia Street (across from Blue Heaven) La Creperie is just enough off the beaten path, but close ...


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