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Happy Hour

alonzos key west

Alonzo’s Key West – The Place for Happy Hour

As you walk through the Historic Seaport, you will see a small sign that points you towards the Best Happy Hour on the Island.  Trust your gut and follow the sign.  At the end of your journey you will find... Alonzo's Key ...



Bagatelle – Oh How I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

When in Key West do you try new restaurants... or stick to your tried and true ones? I admit, I have my favorites, but I try to "discover" a new place on each and every visit. This time it was Bagatelle located ...


the boathouse

The Boathouse Happy Hour

I had such high hopes this would be another to add to my list of favorites, but I am sad to say ... no.  The Boathouse does offer a happy hour from 4:30 to 6pm daily.  Given the number of people inside, ...


half shell raw bar

Half Shell Raw Bar – My New Favorite Happy Hour

In Key West, Happy Hour is a nightly event and everyone can get into a rut.  Same place, same food, same drinks, you get the idea.  So, to step out of our routine, we checked out the Half Shell Raw Bar's Happy ...


mary ellen's bar

Mary Ellen’s Bar – The new Hip place in Key West

Hip?  Did I just say this place is hip?  I mean fresh, new, friendly, funky... well you get it.  The place?  Mary Ellen's Bar.  Located at 420 Appelrouth Lane, this will be your go to place off of Duval.  Recently opened, it ...


Hogs Breath Key West

Hogs Breath Key West

"Hogs breath is better than no breath at all" is of course the world famous saying of Hogs Breath Key West.  It has been a popular spot in Key West for over 25 years.  Located at the corner of Front and Duval ...


Where To Go Before Sunset – in other words Happy Hour

Alonzo’s Oyster Bar – First off, best happy hour ever!  This is located right along the Historic Sea Port and offers a great Happy Hour from 4:00 to 6:30pm.  All drinks are half off and the left side of the menu is ...


Turtle Kraals Key West

We made it over to Turtle Kraals to enjoy Happy Hour and to check out the turtle races.  Let us first start by saying, sometimes we can be disappointed by the larger, chain-like restaurants, but Turtle Kraals was a very nice surprise. ...


Jack Flats – Best Place to watch sports

Ok, your in Key West during football, baseball, basketball or whatever season.  Where do you go to watch the game?  Definitely Jack Flats.  They have walls filled with big screen t.v’s and if you let the host know what team you want ...


Island Dogs

Let me start by saying, I really wanted to try this place.  There was a lot written about how awesome their hot dogs were and the atmosphere was truly Key West and the drinks were amazing.  Well, sometimes places don’t live up ...


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