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Lunch and Dinner

Blue Macaw

Blue Macaw an Island Retreat

Blue Macaw is a place I sought out.  No, really.  It was featured on the t.v. show Booze Traveler  and since that episode, it was a destination for me.  So, the next time we were in Key West, we hit Happy Hour.  Then, after ...


hurricane hole

Hurricane Hole, Key West the Way it Should be

So many people had recommended Hurricane Hole and for unknown reasons, we delayed heading over to check it out.  Why, who knows.  But, let me tell you, it really is the place to experience Key West. Location Located on Stock Island, Hurricane Hole is ...


sloppy joe's

Sloppy Joe’s a Bar, a Drink and a Place at the End of the World

Key West is a place at the end of the world.  It's at the end of A1A and the end of the Continental United States.  There is a vibe that is Key West.  Sloppy Joe's is iconic Key West.  It's old school, ...


El Meson de Pepe Key West

El Meson de Pepe, Authentic Cuban Food in Mallory Square

I can't tell you how many times I walked by this place and didn't consider stopping.  But, once I did, I will certainly be going back for more.  El Meson de Pepe is authentic Cuban food in Mallory Square. Did I say Location? El ...


sandys key west

5 Reasons Why you Need to go to Sandy’s Key West

I am a coffee freak.  I love coffee.  Espresso, Cuban, French ... you get the idea.  Sandy's Key West is absolutely one of my favorite places in town.  Why?  So many reasons, but five come to mind. Roosters Yep, I said roosters.   I know ...


bad boy burrito key west

Bad Boy Burrito Key West, it’s more than a burrito place

Out on Simonton Street, more specifically 1128 Simonton, you will find Bad Boy Burrito Key West.  A small walk up window where you can order a tasty lunch, snack or dinner.  It's where magic comes from. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives stopped here, ...


the cafe

The Cafe – So Many Choices, What First?

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes you really, really need a good breakfast.  You know those mornings after a late night and the best cure is a hot cup of coffee and a plate of great food.  This is how I stumbled ...


caroline's cafe

Caroline’s Cafe – The Perfect Stop on Duval

As you probably know by now, I try, as much as possible, to promote places off of Duval.  Caroline's Cafe is on Duval, but definitely should be a place you stop at while in Key West.  Located at 310 Duval, Caroline's Cafe ...


Kojin Noodle Bar

Kojin Noodle Bar – Authentic, Unique and Fabulous

I can't tell you how many times I have walked by Kojin and didn't pay it any attention.  Kojin Noodle Bar is located at 502 Southard Street, just a half a block off of Duval, and quite honestly blends into the street ...



Bagatelle – Oh How I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

When in Key West do you try new restaurants... or stick to your tried and true ones? I admit, I have my favorites, but I try to "discover" a new place on each and every visit. This time it was Bagatelle located ...


waterfront brewery

Waterfront Brewery – Key West’s Best Pub

As I was walking through the Historic Seaport, I heard someone say "hey, is that a brewery?  I didn't know one was here".  Well, that was surprising because since 2015 the Waterfront Brewery has been open as a working brewery, restaurant and ...


turtle kraals key west

5 Reasons Turtle Kraals Key West is a Perfect Place to Relax

Have you stopped by Turtle Kraals Key West yet?  No?  Then you have missed out on one of the best places in Key West to relax.  Located at 231 Margaret Street in the heart of the Historic Seaport, this is the spot ...


hogfish key west

3 Ways Hogfish Key West Keeps Old Key West Alive and Well

While kayaking over on Stock Island, we were asked if we had tried Hogfish Key West... well, we had not, at the time.  A few missed turns and a hot and sweaty bike ride later, we found it... Hogfish Key West.  Let ...


camille's key west

Camille’s Key West – A Funky and Fun Place to Eat

In one word... it's funky.  Camille's Key West is the go to local hot spot and has been for over 20 years.  According to Camille's they offer inexpensive gourmet ... done the right way.  Or another way to say it... exotic cooking ...


diners drive-ins and dives key west

Did Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Key West Episode Get it Right?

I am addicted to watching Guy Fieri on Friday nights tour the country and visit all of the off the beaten path food joints.    Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Key West episode was by far one of my favorites.  It was really ...


favorite key west restaurants

Your 80 Favorite Key West Restaurants!

Well we need to let the writers at Zagat know they were wrong... they posted an article a while ago and listed the "8 Hottest Restaurants in Key West".  We shared it with all of you and, guess what?  You responded, overwhelming, ...


onlywood key west

Best Take Out Pizza – Onlywood Key West

We love pizza ... and beer.  Who doesn't?  Key West has so many seafood options, sometimes it is easy to overlook your favorite staple, especially if it's pizza.  The days can get busy and sometimes it is really nice to sit in ...


El Siboney Key West

El Siboney

This is by far one of the best family-friendly Cuban restaurants in Key West.  It's our favorites too.  What is our go to food on the menu at El Siboney Key West?  Well of course, it's #1, the roasted pork. Located in the ...


sloppy joes key west webcam

3 Reasons Why Sloppy Joe’s Key West Webcam is the Best

Everyone who comes to Key West, stops by the iconic Sloppy Joe's for a drink (or two) and possibly a snack.  Sloppy's is an institution in Key West and has been in its current location since May 5, 1937.  But, what's really ...


Hogs Breath Key West

Hogs Breath Key West

"Hogs breath is better than no breath at all" is of course the world famous saying of Hogs Breath Key West.  It has been a popular spot in Key West for over 25 years.  Located at the corner of Front and Duval ...


Conch Republic Seafood Company

Conch Republic Seafood Company

The Conch Republic Seafood Company is located at 631 Greene Street and it's the perfect location to watch the boats, the water and all of the fun happening down at the waterfront. The menu features fresh catch of the day items, and when ...


Hobo's Cafe, Key Largo

Hobo’s Cafe

If you are driving down to Key West, you will more than likely need to stop for lunch or dinner.  Hobo's Cafe, in Key Largo, is a must stop place.  The atmosphere is very Key like... a smaller one room restaurant with ...


Turtle Kraals Key West

We made it over to Turtle Kraals to enjoy Happy Hour and to check out the turtle races.  Let us first start by saying, sometimes we can be disappointed by the larger, chain-like restaurants, but Turtle Kraals was a very nice surprise. ...


Harpoon Harry’s – Best Breakfast in Key West

Looking for the best breakfast in Key West?  A place to sit, enjoy your coffee away from the tourists?  Check out Harpoon Harry’s located at 832 Caroline Street. The decor is eclectic and fun.  Keep in mind they serve way more than breakfast.  They ...


Jack Flats – Best Place to watch sports

Ok, your in Key West during football, baseball, basketball or whatever season.  Where do you go to watch the game?  Definitely Jack Flats.  They have walls filled with big screen t.v’s and if you let the host know what team you want ...


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