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Lunch and Dinner

Jack Flats – Best Place to watch sports

Ok, your in Key West during football, baseball, basketball or whatever season.  Where do you go to watch the game?  Definitely Jack Flats.  They have walls filled with big screen t.v’s and if you let the host know what team you want ...


Lunch and Dinner Ideas

There are over 250 bars and restaurants in the Key West area so there is absolutely something for everyone and all budgets.  Here are a few ideas: Hogfish Bar & Grill - Truly worth the bike ride over to Safe Harbor on Stock Island. ...


Old Town Bakery

Old Town Bakery. Corner of Easton and Grinnell St. This is a great bakery to hit EARLY in the morning. The Almond Croissants are to die for. You can taste the butter in them. On another visit I had the Breakfast Sandwich, ...


Island Dogs

Let me start by saying, I really wanted to try this place.  There was a lot written about how awesome their hot dogs were and the atmosphere was truly Key West and the drinks were amazing.  Well, sometimes places don’t live up ...


Garbo’s Grill

If you are a fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, then Garbo’s Grill should sound familiar.  This place was featured on the Key West episode and for a very good reason.  The food is just fabulous.  A few things have changed since ...


D J’s Clam Shack

I can’t tell you how many times we walked by this unassuming place on Duval and didn’t give a second thought.  Then, Guy Fieri, from Diners – Drive-In’s and Dives, highlighted this place on his show.  Well, it was our next stop ...


Frita’s Cuban Burgers

I love a great hamburger, and I will admit I crave them once in a while.  So, when we stumbled upon Frita’s Cuban Burgers at 425 Southard Street, I was excited.  I had never tried a Cuban burger and was looking forward ...


La Creperie

We love spending time outside enjoying a cocktail and of course a meal.  La Creperie is the perfect place to do both.  Located at 300 Petronia Street (across from Blue Heaven) La Creperie is just enough off the beaten path, but close ...


Café Sole

Café Sole is a culinary gem far off the beaten path.  Located at 1029 Southard, you would probably just stroll on by, but don’t …. plan to spend a wonderful evening surrounded by wonderful food and company.  Chef John Correa, and his ...


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